Should the federal or state government determine your child’s MENTAL HEALTH? Alabamans say NO!

The Federal Government and some state governments are working on plans being promoted as needed solutions to solve ALL problems with children.  This is a rapidly growing movement fueled by more and more sophisticated technology being used to gather more and more data on children in K-12 public schools. These kids are a captive audience because they are naturally expected to follow instructions given by the adults in charge. Students often don’t even know when the computer program or class survey they are working on is aimed at gathering their personal and “private” information.

The student responses are evaluated to determine if this child is At Risk?  Disadvantaged?  an Under achiever? Bullied? Depressed? a Victim of Social Injustice? In Danger? has Special Needs? or Neglected? If so they can “fit” into the categories where federal, state or foundation money is coming in to pay for their treatment. It all fits nicely into boxes and graphs whose variables or descriptors* have been pre-determined. The more problems….. the more money needed…. and so on and on it goes.

By delving deeper and deeper into an individual child’s personal life more information is gained for use by those who want no limits on their social engineering quest to find and fix all they designate as a problem. BUT… parents are learning these social engineers are now crossing the line!

Alabamans got a look at the “Comprehensive” plan for “wrap around services” for ALL children K-12 in Alabama. They saw that each child’s mental health would be assessed and goals for fixing what becomes labeled as problems with attitude, values, beliefs and character would then be a regular part of their child’s individualized school curriculum!  What??? Yes… it’s true.

We can thank the Alabama citizens who rose up to put the brakes on and at least temporarily STOP the plan in their state. On June 11, 2015 the Alabama State School Board was originally planning to vote on the comprehensive plan but there was no vote taken due to opposition.  There is a long list of reasons to oppose such a crossing of the line by the government… whether it is state or national.  In fact, NCLB -No Child Left Behind pushed this idealogy forward by advancing the federal governments role in student testing.  There is no legal basis for the federal government to be involved in testing, which also affects the curriculum.  NCLB needs to be removed from the ESEA -Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

The national plans that President Obama is bringing forward to roll out in 2017 are of the same philosophy found in the Alabama plan. The plans include psychological testing in NAEP -National Assessment of Educational Progress, which has been administered since 1969.  (hmmmm 2017….. That would be just after we have elected a new president….. guess they wouldn’t be responsible for the psychological testing then would they?)

The Alabama plan could have been used as a National Model according to the UCLA Center for School Mental Health and the American School Counselors Association which allied with Alabama’s State Superintendent Tommy Bice, who serves at the pleasure of the State School board under Governor Bentley who is the Board President.

Please read the other links on this site and you will learn much more about the reality we are facing. The evidence is all there and you can verify it all for yourself. We now must see and rise up to stop these plans that intrude into the mind, will and emotions of every child – their very soul! We must not let these policies get a stronghold on our states and in our nation!  Let’s Rise UP and Stop it!

Thank you Alabamans for exposing this and putting on the brakes in your state!


4 thoughts on “Should the federal or state government determine your child’s MENTAL HEALTH? Alabamans say NO!

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It’s critically important. Right now the federal government is monitoring and storing vast amounts of data on every child in this country. If a child is red flagged as being “at risk” in the system, that child and the child’s family can be targeted for any number of reasons by any government agency, including CPS and DHS (depart. of human services, not homeland security). The child and family can & will eventually be completely under the thumb of government regulators who will be in charge of determining the rights and freedoms and the consequences that will affect that family and any children. Currently the federal government is implementing plans via vast data mining systems to be in charge of determining the mental health of all children in the U.S. and will have the power to label and control the fates of those designated as mentally ill (those designated not just mentally, but also socially, ideologically, economically, and racially unfit or unacceptable to the greater good). I don’t think I need to explain where this will lead.


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