Linda Murphy discusses K-12 Mental Health Plans in Alabama and NAEP -National Assessment

Alabama Comprehensive Counseling plan

Linda Murphy, Oklahoma Educator discusses the Alabama State Plan for Mental Health testing and training for all students K-12 which was put on hold during the last State School Board meeting, June 11, 2015. Alabamans have risen up in opposition to this plan when they see what is in it.  Radio talk show host for City on a Hill TV, Diana Crews along with Barbara Moore talk with Linda about what is in the Alabama plan and the National testing plans being introduced by president Obama which are of the same philosophy. The ESEA -Elementary and Secondary Education Act which is now working through Congress for reauthorization contains NCLB -No Child Left Behind and all of the expanded role of federal government in testing.  NCLB must be stopped. Alabamans and citizens of other states must be aware and oppose this control and intrusion into our children’s very minds, will, emotions, attitudes, values and beliefs. (See list of Recent Posts below for more information and documentation.)

Discussion of K-12 Mental Health Plans-


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