HELP STOP Federal Education Testing!

Please Call, Write, Email and Tweet your Senators and Congressmen

#StopFedTesting        #StopNCLB

The bill for ESEA and NCLB (Elementary and Secondary Education Act / No Child Left Behind act) is scheduled for a VOTE on July 7th in the U.S. Senate and also for July 7th in the House Rules Committee so the whole House could vote as soon as July 8th. Tell Senators and Congressmen to —


Here are three of the very intrusive Federal Tentacles in K-12th grade public school student testing, which also affect curriculum because it must be changed to align with testing for students to perform well on the tests:

  1. The Federal Department of Education funded student testing along with Bill Gates, through CCSSO -Council of Chief State School Officers which established two testing consortia.  They developed testing which the Federal Department of Education is now “reviewing and revising” according to Education Week, April 2013.  These Federally funded and controlled tests are now being rejected in state after state and are known as: PARCC -Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for Careers and College and the SBAC -Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia testing.  These are Common Core tests.
  2. The new Senate version of the ESEA/ NCLB mandates even MORE Federal Control over student testing than the already extremely oppressive testing. As Jane Robbins with the American Principles Project said: “The bill is dubbed the “Every Child Achieves Act” (ECAA). This bill maintains NCLB’s requirement of administering annual assessments in English and math in grades 3 through 8 and once in high school. But ECAA doesn’t ignore the “opt out” movement – in fact, it adds language that effectively encourages the states to lower the boom on noncompliant students and parents.Under ECAA (as under NCLB), state assessments must “[m]easure the annual progress of not less than 95% of all students . . . .” But while NCLB applies this requirement only to the subset of low-income schools that receive federal Title I funding, ECAA extends the requirement to all schools by making it part of the mandatory state accountability system. If ECAA passes, expect USED to ramp up its threats against states that have too many opt-outs and thus fail in their commitment to ensure 95% participation.” http://townhall.com/columnists/janerobbins/2015/06/30/alexander-murray-bill-tightens-the-screws-of-mandated-assessments-n2018919
  3. NAEP -National Assessment of Education Progress is being dangerously changed to include behavioral assessments.  President Obama and the Federal Department of Education have released information regarding their plans to include student testing in the areas of attitudes, values, beliefs, emotions, feelings, motivations and other “affective” domain responses.  Education Week reports “The nation’s premiere federal testing program is poised to provide a critical window into how students’ motivation, mindset, and grit can affect their learning… The background survey will include five core areas—grit, desire for learning, school climate, technology use, and socioeconomic status—of which the first two focus on a student’s noncognitive skills, and the third looks at noncognitive factors in the school. These core areas would be part of the background survey for all NAEP test-takers. In addition, questions about other noncognitive factors, such as self-efficacy and personal achievement goals, may be included…”   (State Plans are also being pushed to include these assessments in a statewide counseling program for ALL students K-12 grade.  See Alabama’s plan which has been stopped for now and more about President Obama’s plan for rolling this out in 2017 in recent articles listed below.)

Strong and clear language must be included in ESEA to set our public education system FREE from this oppressive Centralized control!  This is A GOAL WE CAN WIN –Because the ESEA/NCLB is being “rewritten” and “reauthorized”.  We can fight for a STOP to the Federal Testing mandates and win with the nationwide opposition which has developed. Under NCLB national “accountability” requirements have driven more and more testing with great amounts of time increasingly consumed from teaching and learning.  In addition Common Core tests from PARCC, SBAC and other vendors have been disastrous in taking the focus from academics and placing it on processing and other philosophical shifts. Student scores have plummeted in many states due to the shift. Find out where your Congressmen and Senators stand on these Federal testing issues. Get their commitment to Stop Federal Education Testing!   We must continue to work to inform those Senators and Congressmen who are “buying in” to the false idea that a centralized national system for accountability (which means TESTING) in education will somehow make it better.  The evidence over time has proven that is not true. Along with the testing/assessing, the student response data is being collected and stored to be shared with other entities as officials determine, adding to the great concern and opposition nationwide.   We still have much work to do to eliminate the federal education “noose around the neck” of local public schools and states that are standing up for their state rights to re-establish Local Control of education.  Today we have an opportunity to shape the ESEA/NCLB bill into one that eliminates the federal control over testing and thus the curriculum aligned to testing, which is all being done in the name of “accountability”.

LET’s CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE and get busy on this bill!


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