Trump’s Education Agenda & Problems with Betsy DeVos

Donald Trump’s appointees “signed up for Trump’s agenda”.  –Mike Pence, VP elect on Sunday morning “This Week” 12-4-16

Betsy DeVos was appointed by Donald Trump as Education Secretary. Trump’s agenda is:

  1. Public Charter Schools in Inner Cities
  2. Local Control of Public Education
  3. Education returned to the Parents
  4. Stop Common Core / National Standards

Betsy DeVos has worked in total opposition to Donald Trump’s goals – 2, 3 and 4. DeVos has spent years of time and millions of dollars on fighting alongside Jeb Bush and the Chamber of Commerce for Common Core / National Standards, Centralized Control of education in the hands of Public-Private organizations, Foundations, Corporations and other groups that Charter Public Schools like “Gullen Movement” Turkish Muslims.

These models remove local elected school boards. Parents are NOT in control in this system, which DeVos has been building. There is documentation of DeVos’ work including her very large financial investments against the parents, educators and elected officials (including her home state Michigan and in Alabama) who are working hard to Stop Common Core and return to Local Control.  We who oppose Common Core are the very voters who elected and supported Donald Trump and his education agenda.

This all adds up to a BIG problem with the Betsy DeVos appointment that needs to be resolved. It should be solved by putting all the FACTS on the table NOT just the points where DeVos is in agreement with Trump. Those supporting DeVos should look at all the FACTS and not base their support on personal relationships and positive preconceived ideas about DeVos.  I don’t care how nice, successful, “Christian”, conservative or well intended she is and I’m not disputing her character.  Her agenda is WRONG for America and it is WRONG for Trump. Her agenda is documented and it is a total contradiction to Donald Trump’s agenda in major fundamental ways. We must work to make sure the FACTS about Betsy DeVos’ agenda and hard fought goals become known to Trump and his team.

You can inform your own US Senators from your state with letters, calls, emails in your own words after you have done some research on Betsy DeVos and have the facts. The Senate must vote on the confirm of Cabinet Secretaries.

I am a strong supporter of Donald Trump and believe he will see these issues as we parents, educators and officials from the grassroots who elected him across America cry out!! I hope it is before DeVos is confirmed. — Linda Murphy, Oklahoma Educator


6 thoughts on “Trump’s Education Agenda & Problems with Betsy DeVos

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  2. I could not agree more except with one point. Trump will never know how WE feel about education or his choice unless we make so much noise (and not by posting on FB or in blogs) he cannot avoid hearing us. I know for a fact they are isolating him and the information he is getting and our voice is being silenced. This is the exact same thing that happened with Ronald Reagan. When Charlotte Iserbyt tried to warn him that his administration was plotting to stop him from shutting down the US Dept. of Education she was fired and never allowed an audience with him. She was able to get a letter to him through a friend on the inside but she never heard from him again. Only recently using an Open Records Request did she find proof that Reagan had wanted to meet with her but that meeting was never scheduled.

    Only a nationally organized student/teacher walk out will get their attention. A walk out with a purpose. That purpose would be to shut down the US Department of Education and repeal ESSA/ESEA. So lets see what happens and when it goes South we need to be prepared to fight back. And we cannot fight as we have for the past decades. It obvious has not worked. We MUST be heard and there is only way to be heard and respected and that is to make a huge statement that cannot be ignored. I do not believe Devos is good for our children. She is good for business but not education and her goal is to align herself with one of her buddies, Eli Broad, and turn education into a for profit business. But let’s give her a chance and in the meantime we must organize and be ready to act on the turn of a dime. If parents do not stand up now and in a big way by the time Trump’s first term is over the progressives will have realized their dream of total control of the hearts, minds and souls of all future generations.

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    • We are in agreement in opposition to DeVos. This is a huge mountain to scale. This is only one of my beginning efforts to help people wake up to join the battle that is building to oppose DeVos. I am speaking to many in Oklahoma and across the country that can hear and understand what I am saying. I, like Trump, do not put all my cards on the table regarding the efforts I am involved in to win the victory for the parents, educators and especially the students. Thanks for all you do Karen!


  3. I was speaking my mind more to your audience than to you. I too am trying to wake them up but the propaganda machine is doing a good job to convince them Charters and Vouchers will give them choice. In the end they will get less than they have now and they just cannot see it. I don’t think they want to see it. They want someone else to fix what only we can fix.

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    • Yes…. I agree this is very hard to get through to people. We are having to contradict what people are hearing from many conservative and Christian leaders who have “bought in” to the false sell of “Choice” in Education.


      • To add insult to injury Jeb Bush is coming to TN on Nov. 30 to conduct an education summit and DeVos is coming too. The article actually confirms that Jeb was who pushed Trump to give her the job. We all knew it but this is the first admission I had seen. What CHOICE do they want that they don’t have today???? It isn’t about Choice anymore it is about who is going to pay for a parents choice. In the end they will have choice of location but no choice in what their children will be taught or even worse what they are not taught. Karen


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