Oklahoma Test Scores NOT FAIR to Teachers or Students -says Linda Murphy State Superintendent Candidate

Oklahoma Student Test Scores are coming back low in many schools because the NEW Testing does NOT align with the guidelines given to teachers. Teachers and Students are UNFAIRLY PUNISHED for poor performance when many of them did an EXCELLENT job!! This needs to STOP.  The nationalized testing now in place is bringing centralized control of our system and punishing good and highly successful teachers, who are being told they are failing, when they have followed the Oklahoma Standards recently produced.

We must get off of the track controlled by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and put in place reasonable and fair academic testing!! WE want accountability but NOT to the federal government! This testing system being used by our current State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister was created under President Obama’s administration starting in 2015 and “rolled out” in 2017!

State Superintendent Hofmeister loved the 2015 Federal Education law -ESSA and testified before Congress about how good it was!” She also visited China with the Council of Chief State School Officers where she said she was learning about their teacher training model.

I am a teacher, 30 years certified, who taught in Oklahoma public schools in Caddo and Osage counties.  I worked and successfully helped repeal OBE -Outcomes Based Education in 1995 and Common Core State Standards in 2014. Now my opponent for the office of State Superintendent, Joy Hofmeister, has put Oklahoma right back on the same track with Top Down Control!  We can change this system to TRUE LOCAL CONTROL! That is my goal as State Superintendent.  Please Vote Linda Murphy on June 26th, 2018!

Vote Linda Murphy for State Superintendent!!
Let’s FIX THIS! Votelindamurphy.com


2 thoughts on “Oklahoma Test Scores NOT FAIR to Teachers or Students -says Linda Murphy State Superintendent Candidate

  1. My grandsons attend Jenks (Middle) Public Schools. They r both ahead in reading thanks to Eliot Elementary introducing sight words and following with expected criteria. Discipline, lack of respect for teachers is the complaint most heard from people I know. I hope environment in our schools changes because without good schools and properly paid educators and Board officers and extensions to the communities, the system fails and communities wither. Please continue the hard fight.


    • Thank you Jean. I agree that a positive school environment is essential to learning. It is only possible when we have good student behavior including respect for teachers and other students. Helping schools establish discipline and a positive school environment is an important part of the work I plan to do in the State Department of Education.


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